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Personal space with customized reminders, to-do list and background.
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All things in one space

With, never miss a thing again. We have everything in a single space - your browsing history, e-mail reminders and to-do list are all placed in a condensed and non-disruptive new tab.

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Kinda bossy, kinda cute is the perfect example of a professional space that still
retains all personal details of its user - you get to decide your
background and which elements you get to see first.

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What users think about ProTab

I have tried many similar apps and extensions, but after using, I'm never going back to anything else. It's so simple to use, yet so full of options. Customization is easy and it has everything (and I mean everything) a person on the internet can need. Even the icons fit in with my vision of my virtual workspace. You found a forever user here!

May Halliday


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It’s easy to uninstall ProTab, just follow these steps:

  1. In the Chrome Icon menu - click on the three lines/dots at the top-right corner and click on Add-ons
  2. Select Extensions
  3. Click on the Remove button to complete the uninstallation when you find ProTab
  4. Click remove again in the pop-up
  5. You don’t have ProTab anymore, sorry about that